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The One and Only 100% Off Sale! This Weekend Only!


Please come shopping and be part of our first ever 100% OFF Warehouse Sale!

That’s right, No kidding 100% OFF! This is all very simple, I have plenty of back stock and the new fall fashions are here. This weekend is the final sidewalk sale for 2012 and I will be making great deals.

All Women and Men’s Clothing, Boots and Shoes 10% – 70% OFF!

Your asking yourself, Self, how can he do it? This is how it will work, Get 100% credit of total spent on Warehouse merchandise to be used to purchase more Warehouse merchandise.

Plus, Xmas comes early, discount on the new fall and Holiday fashions.

We will have a great time! Complimentary Champagne and treats from Beth’s Community Kitchen.

Let’s make a Deal, The Bigger the Pile the Better the Deal!

I have to clear out all the back stock, clear out all the old energy and raise much needed cash.

Thanks, Larry the Hat

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